Lab Work

Our Lab Work service is designed to provide a detailed health assessment by analyzing various biological markers. This service uses advanced testing methods to examine blood or urine samples, offering insight into your metabolism, hormones, immune system, genetics, and more. This service delivers an in-depth view of your body’s functioning — identifying underlying issues. This approach helps pinpoint specific health concerns across multiple systems, including metabolic, nutritional, endocrine, gastrointestinal, and hormonal.

Our testing is ideal for individuals seeking an understanding of their health to guide personalized wellness strategies. It is suitable for anyone interested in a deeper health analysis, whether to address specific symptoms or to optimize overall well-being. Results are typically available within a few a week, allowing for quick commencement of tailored interventions. The effects of the interventions based on testing can vary but often have lasting impacts depending on the individual’s continued adherence to the recommended health plans. Take the first step towards personalized health optimization by contacting Maven Aesthetics Studio in Plantation, FL, to explore the possibilities.


  • Comprehensive health evaluation
  • Identifies health problems
  • Offers metabolism and hormone insights
  • Personalized treatment guidance
  • Monitors intervention success
  • Clarifies personal health needs
  • Promotes preventative health
  • Enhances nutrition
  • Boosts energy by tackling deficiencies
  • Strengthens immune system with specific changes

Lab work could benefit anyone interested in a comprehensive understanding of their health, including those dealing with unexplained symptoms. It is also beneficial for individuals looking to optimize their health proactively.

Results from Lab Work are generally available within a few weeks after your samples are collected, allowing for a prompt start to any necessary treatments or health adjustments.

The duration of the benefits from interventions based on Lab Work can vary. Continuous health monitoring and adherence to personalized health plans are crucial for maintaining the results.

Lab Work involves minimal to no downtime. Sample collection is quick and straightforward, typically involving a blood, urine, or saliva test with minimal side effects.

Before undergoing Lab Work, following specific instructions, such as fasting or avoiding certain medications, is essential. After the test, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow any personalized recommendations from your healthcare provider to maximize the benefits.

Depending on the test’s requirements, you will provide blood, urine, or saliva samples during lab work. The process is quick and performed in a comfortable setting that prioritizes your safety and privacy.

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